Mentorship Match Spotlight: Joei and Thatcher

Meet mentor Joei DeCarlo and her mentee, Thatcher Williams! Joei is a sophomore at Temple University and a double major in Strategic Communication and Adult & Organizational Development. Thatcher, a freshman at Temple, is majoring in Strategic Communication. Outside of PRSSA, Joei is a PRowl Account Executive, legal assistant, cook, and shopper (preferably Macy’s). Thatcher is a part of Temple’s Gymnastics Club.

Since becoming mentor and mentee, Joei and Thatcher have discovered their mutual love for coffee and building each other up in their chosen fields.

Joei on why she wanted to be a mentor: I wanted to be a mentor to try to build a relationship similar to the one my mentor created with me (Shoutout to Clarissa Ford). I was happy to have the opportunity to help someone like I needed help as a freshman, such as writing a resume, scheduling classes, and simply knowing I had a friend on campus.

Thatcher on why he wanted to be a mentee: I wanted to create a connection with someone who loved PR like me, so the mentorship program seemed like an amazing opportunity. I also wanted to have someone to help me navigate PR and to offer advice on how to obtain internships and to become more involved on campus.

What types of activities have you done together, in both a professional and/or personal capacity?

T: We’ve had coffee together at Starbucks. Joei has been a big help in creating my resume and she also offers advice on what classes I should take next semester. We text often with Joei being so easy to talk to! Whenever I have a question, I feel so comfortable asking her because I know I can get great advice.

J: Yes, I love our Starbucks dates! We both love a great caramel macchiato and can work on resume editing or just talking about classes. Thatcher makes being a mentor so easy because he’s always excited to meet and makes our meetings so fun. I forget I’m mentoring and feel more as though I’m just meeting with my friend, which is how a great mentor/mentee relationship should be!

Moving forward, what plans do you have for the mentorship program together?

T: I love coffee and Joei is so insightful… so definitely more coffee! I plan on continuing to have Joei as a mentor because she’s been so helpful and enjoyable to be around. Joei’s involvement in PRowl and work ethic have motivated me to become more involved myself!

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Membership Spotlight: Emily McKain


Say hello and congratulations to this month’s member spotlight – Emily McKain!

Emily is a first semester junior, majoring in Strategic Communication (Public Relations concentration) with a Political Science minor and Event Leadership certificate.

The Downingtown, Pennsylvania native has been involved with PRSSA for three years and is a part of the Community Service/Fundraising committee this semester.

What have you been involved in with our chapter?

I attended the Networking 101 event at Saxbys Coffee, and I’ve been involved with the Mentorship program, Newsletter committee, and Community Service/Fundraising committee.

What are some outside responsibilities, roles, and/or internships you hold?

 I’m a Team Leader at Jumpstart Philadelphia, Intern at Relief Communications, and Account Associate at PRowl Public Relations!

Why do you love PRSSA? 

I love PRSSA because of all the friends I’ve made within my major and the professional opportunities it has given me as a student. It has opened doors for projects and internships for me that I’ll always be grateful for.

What’s your favorite social media platform? 

I love Instagram because it allows me to look back at important moments of my life.

Where’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled? 

My favorite place I’ve ever visited was Ireland for an extended family reunion for 2 weeks!


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Membership Spotlight: Lailumah Faisal



Lailumah “LuLu” Faisal is this month’s Membership Spotlight! Faisal is a Junior Strategic Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations.

This is LuLu’s first semester joining PRSSA and she’s looking forward to many more! She is currently a member of the newsletter committee.


The Annandale, Virginia native has many more things to say about Temple’s PRSSA chapter, as well as other personal interests.

Why do you love PRSSA?

I love how friendly everyone is. As my first year of Temple is coming to a close it is great to find a group of people as welcoming as the members of PRSSA.


What’s your dream job?

Working for Washington Capitals’ marketing team!

Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram because I love the ‘suggested for you’ section. It always shows me dance, makeup, and food tutorials and I love watching them even though I can’t do any of the three.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled?

I went to Hawaii when I was 11 and it was BEAUTIFUL! Although, I never show anyone pictures because I was a really awkward looking child. I would definitely want to go back and experience it again.

Membership Spotlight: Olivia Bumgardner

olivia-bumgardnerOlivia Bumgardner is a freshman Strategic Communication (with a track in public relations) major from Yardley, PA. While Bumgardner has only been with PRSSA for a semester, her involvement goes far above and beyond!

What committee are you on?

I’m currently on the Community Service/Fundraising committee. My past involvement in PRSSA include the mentorship program and many of the fall semester fundraising events.

What are some outside responsibilities/roles/internships you hold?

I’m an active member of PRowl, and was just recently hired as an Owl Team Leader for the upcoming summer!

Why do you love PRSSA?

Being apart of PRSSA has been such a blessing – everyone has been so kind, I’ve met the nicest people, and have learned so much! Also, major shout out to my mentor Maria! She’s the bee’s knees!

What’s your dream job?

Overall, I just hope to do PR for the greater good. I want to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. But, as far as a dream job… I’ll let you know when I think of one!

Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram! A picture is worth a thousand words.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to? 

A few years ago I was given the opportunity to visit Zurich, Switzerland. Hiking up the Swiss Alps for 3 miles allowed me to have my Marie Von Trapp moment – the hills were indeed alive.

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Membership Spotlight: Chelsea Seidel

20161107_144541Chelsea is a sophomore strategic communications major with a concentration in public relations and a minor in sports management. The Palmyra, PA native is a second year member of PRSSA and is currently on the fundraising committee. Chelsea is also a member of PRowl.

Why do you love being in PRSSA?

I love being involved in PRSSA because of all the people I get to meet. Since joining PRSSA I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with many great people. By joining PRSSA I hope to network and make connections that will help me after I graduate.

What have you done with the community service and fundraising committee this semester?

My favorite thing that we have done this semester is the late night Mac-and-cheese sale. I can’t wait to see what else we will do this semester!

What are PRSSA events you’ve participated in?

I have participated in the mentorship program and many of the community service and fundraiser events.

Dream Job?

One day I hope that I will be able to work in the Public Relations Department for a National Football League team.

Favorite social media platform?

My favorite social media platform is Snapchat. I love the idea of the story and how it eventually disappears. It allows people to see a small snapshot of life!

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

By far my favorite vacation was my trip to Europe. I was able to visit France, Switzerland and Germany all in two weeks. The views there are breathtaking and I cannot wait to return!


Membership Spotlight: Joei DeCarlo

screen-shot-2015-08-23-at-10-36-17-amJoei is a sophomore at Temple University, double majoring in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations & Adult and Organizational Development (AOD) in Education. Joei is a second-year member of PRSSA, having joined her spring semester of freshman year, and she is currently on the newsletter committee. She is also an account associate at PRowl Public Relations for Temple’s Department of Strategic Communication.

Hometown: South Philadelphia

Why do you love PRSSA? What do you hope to get out of it?

I love PRSSA because it shows me how many ways there are to get involved in PR and the communications field in general. I hope to continue to make new friends and to find an internship through my new network.

What is one of your favorite PRSSA events you’ve participated in?

While I’ve attened general meetings, workshops, and guest speaker presentations, I would say the Brunch Fundraiser last Spring. (Chicken, waffles, and PR? Yes!)

Dream Job?

I’m not sure yet! I’m a legal assistant, so law school is a thought. But, doing PR for anyone on Foodnetwork would make my life complete.

Favorite social media platform?

Facebook. It’s not dying, right?

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?

Los Angeles for the premiere of a children’s musical that I was in: Standing Ovation. (Fun Fact: We’re on Netflix and On Demand!)

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Member Spotlight: Marissa Reale


Professional Pic_1Marissa is a sophomore at Temple University majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations. She has been a member of Temple PRSSA for two semesters. Since joining Temple PRSSA, Marissa has joined our public relations committee and attended events, including PPRA’s Career’s 101. Marissa is iHeart media’s youngest and longest kept intern, a junior account executive at PRowl Public Relations and an active member of Hillel and various Jewish organizations.

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Why do you love PRSSA?  I love PRSSA because of the variety of speakers & networking opportunities. It is a great way to enter the field with some knowledge and contacts.

What committee are you in this semester? Public relations committee

Dream Job: Head of PR Department at the Wells Fargo Center

Favorite social media platform: Facebook  because it is classic. I like the layout; it is easy to read and get a lot of information or news.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to: No matter where I’ve been, Ocean City, Maryland is my favorite vacation spot.

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