Junior Year Internship Struggles

Junior year is often the crunch time for getting internships and starting to realize which PR career path to choose for the future. This time is filled with a lot of anxiety and feelings of doubt about what the future has in store. Friends and peers are racking in the internships, while I sit back and watch as they gain valuable experience. Clearly, there is something wrong and I need to jump on the first internship opportunity I see…Wrong!

While I watch my peers and friends getting internships, I remind myself I am only a first semester junior. I have time to apply for an internship to gain more experience. Also, I take a moment to realize the role I have as Secretary of PRSSA. Sometimes it is easy to forget the great skills and experiences I gain from being active in this organization.

The anxiety is present at all times to find the greatest internship. However, after watching and listening to my peers and friends, I’ve learned that great internships don’t just appear. An internship at a big corporate PR firm could be the worst time of my life, while a small lifestyle agency could gain me long-lasting skills and experience.

I know this is a hard time and transition period for any Junior in college, but throwing myself a bone and realizing I have great opportunities without an internship allowed me to shed my anxiety. I will keep working hard and stay in an active leadership position in PRSSA! I know that when I am ready, I will find a good internship. In the meantime, I will relish my time as Secretary of PRSSA.

By: Jeremy Rives, PRSSA Secretary





Stand Up and Stand Out

Standing out in a large student organization chapter can be difficult, especially when it consists of members who have similar majors. I joined Temple’s Chapter of PRSSA in the spring of my freshman year. I was in awe of the e-board and how they seemed to know each member, but I wondered how each individual member knew who one another was and how some people just seemed to “shine” in a room full of people who had a passion for PR and communicating. Later that year I was recognized as an outstanding new chapter member, I received a member spotlight the following semester, and was recognized with my mentor, Clarissa, for outstanding mentor/mentee pair. At the time I wasn’t sure why I was recognized, but looking back, I think I know why.

Here are some tips I’d offer to my freshman self about standing out in a large chapter….

Ask Questions

The biggest mistake I made freshman year was not asking questions out of fear of looking like I didn’t know what I was doing. I later realized everyone has questions- freshman or senior! As an e-board member now, I love when peers (under or upperclassman) ask me questions. Not only can I help them or send them to someone who can help them, but their questions have helped me! I’ve been asked questions about writing that I didn’t know the answer to and we learned together. Experiences like these have helped me to make connections with fellow PRSSA members as well as provided a learning opportunity for both of us.


Show Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm never goes unnoticed. Whether you are nodding your head during a guest speaker presentation or actively participating in a workshop, fellow members and the executive board always notice those who are excited to be a chapter member. Another thing I would have reminded myself is “I’m paying for great resources- I should make the most of them!”. I forgot to check the PRSSA website for writing or scholarship opportunities. Looking into these resources and actively participating make you a better member and you will benefit from all your membership has to offer you!


Be Observant

Most of what I learned as a PRSSA member was by watching others. Being observant helps you to strengthen your skills by directly watching others. You can pick up on subtle things like shaking a guest speaker’s hand or larger things like introducing yourself to a fellow member. Watching others can help to make new things less intimidating, and you will thank yourself for taking the time to observe what others get out of their memberships.


Although it can be intimidating at first, trying to stand out in a large student organization will not only help you to be a better member, but you will get recognized for all of your hard work. Investing your time in a pre-professional organization will help you to further your education outside of the classroom and can help you to make connections to use after you graduate. So remember, stand up and stand out!!

This blog post was written by Director of Public Relations, Joei DeCarlo.




Never Too Late to Get Involved

Hey everyone! If you’re like me, then you probably feel that this semester is already flying by. Midterms are almost here, clubs are in full swing, and Halloween is just around the corner. Despite the speed that Fall 2017 is moving at, there is still so much time left in this semester (and year) to make the most of. One of the best ways to make the most of this time is to join a club.

If you have always wanted to join something, now is the time! The first and most clichéd advice you get when starting freshman year is to get involved. Personally, when I was a freshman that was really hard advice to take. Getting involved my first semester was truly out of my comfort zone, and it took a little while for me to adjust to college. I signed up for a couple clubs at the club fair, got a bunch of emails, showed up to a meeting or two and then stopped going. Then as time moved on, I realized I still had an interest in these clubs, but I conjured up this idea that it was too late to join.

As the year passed, I realized it truly does not matter when you start getting involved—as long as you do at some point. Since then, I ended up transferring schools and was ready for a do-over. I made a real effort to get involved and joined PRSSA, PRowl and a sorority. Through these organizations, I have gained great friends, honed valuable pre-professional skills and learned that I am capable of being busy while managing my time appropriately.

To all new PRSSA freshman, congrats to getting out there the first semester and joining an organization! For some people, it really can take courage to get out there—I was one of those people. And regardless of what class you are, if there is something you still want to join, try to stretch that comfort zone a little further. We only have (about) four years to be a part of these great clubs Temple has to offer, so you might as well make the most of it.

By: Grace Hanlon

Member Spotlight: Karissa Gornick

Meet our first member spotlight of the fall 2017 semester- Karissa Gornick!


Karissa is a sophomore majoring in Strategic Communication (Public Relations Concentration) with a minor in Political Science and a certificate in Mandarin Chinese.

Hailing from Yardley, Pennsylvania, Karissa has been a member of PRSSA for two semesters and is a member of the newsletter committee.



Here are some questions I asked Karissa to get to know her better:

Why do you love PRSSA?

I love PRSSA because we’re all connected by Klein and have similar interests with what we want to do in our lives. It’s so empowering seeing all of these people around me who want to pursue their passions through their majors. PRSSA is a space I feel welcomed in.

What PRSSA Events have you participated in so far?

PPRA’s Networking 101. I made connections with PR professionals that without PRSSA I otherwise never would have made. It was an amazing opportunity, but even more amazing was how much closer I felt to the PRSSA members who went, too. I felt like I definitely bonded with the group of girls I went with because of how nervous yet excited we all were.

Are you part of any other student organizations?

I’m a member of the Iota Chi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta

What is your dream job?

My dream in life is to evoke social change. Ideally, I’d love to work for UN Women’s strategic communications team. Everyday wouldn’t feel like work because gender equality is something I’m very passionate about.
What is your favorite social media platform?

Instagram. I love getting to see highlights of my friends’ lives and share moments of my life, as well.

What is the coolest place you’ve traveled to?

Oberammergau, Germany. It was like a beautiful town straight out of a storybook.

Follow Karissa on social media! 

Instagram- @karirigornick       Facebook & LinkedIn- Karissa Gornick

This spotlight interview was conducted by Joei DeCarlo, Director of Public Relations.