A Summer of Organizing, Cruising, and Writing..

For over a year now, I’ve been volunteering with the Eastern Service Workers’ Association.  It’s a poverty alleviation association that assists low-paid service and temporary workers, in addition to those retired and living on a fixed income. We provide benefits in addition to fighting government policies that keep people poor.  Our benefits include emergency food distributions, clothing distributions, utility advocacy, and legal and medical sessions by volunteer professionals.  A year ago, I served as the Volunteer Coordinator for about three months.  This summer, I will be the Membership Coordinator, responsible for meeting and interacting with members of the organization.  I’m very excited to see the organization grow and for more people to become aware of it!

From July 13-22, I will be attending a 10 day cruise with my mother and some church members to the Bahamas in celebration of a church member’s 80th birthday party!

I will also be maintaining my job at the Temple University School of Law in the Alumni office, in addition to working on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as a toll collector.

All the while, I’ll be learning to be in each of the positions I will do next year.

I can’t wait to bring all of the skills that I learn this summer to PRSSA.  I’m excited for the year ahead, the great people with which I will be working, and everything in between!



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