Mentorship Match Spotlight: Joei and Thatcher

Meet mentor Joei DeCarlo and her mentee, Thatcher Williams! Joei is a sophomore at Temple University and a double major in Strategic Communication and Adult & Organizational Development. Thatcher, a freshman at Temple, is majoring in Strategic Communication. Outside of PRSSA, Joei is a PRowl Account Executive, legal assistant, cook, and shopper (preferably Macy’s). Thatcher is a part of Temple’s Gymnastics Club.

Since becoming mentor and mentee, Joei and Thatcher have discovered their mutual love for coffee and building each other up in their chosen fields.

Joei on why she wanted to be a mentor: I wanted to be a mentor to try to build a relationship similar to the one my mentor created with me (Shoutout to Clarissa Ford). I was happy to have the opportunity to help someone like I needed help as a freshman, such as writing a resume, scheduling classes, and simply knowing I had a friend on campus.

Thatcher on why he wanted to be a mentee: I wanted to create a connection with someone who loved PR like me, so the mentorship program seemed like an amazing opportunity. I also wanted to have someone to help me navigate PR and to offer advice on how to obtain internships and to become more involved on campus.

What types of activities have you done together, in both a professional and/or personal capacity?

T: We’ve had coffee together at Starbucks. Joei has been a big help in creating my resume and she also offers advice on what classes I should take next semester. We text often with Joei being so easy to talk to! Whenever I have a question, I feel so comfortable asking her because I know I can get great advice.

J: Yes, I love our Starbucks dates! We both love a great caramel macchiato and can work on resume editing or just talking about classes. Thatcher makes being a mentor so easy because he’s always excited to meet and makes our meetings so fun. I forget I’m mentoring and feel more as though I’m just meeting with my friend, which is how a great mentor/mentee relationship should be!

Moving forward, what plans do you have for the mentorship program together?

T: I love coffee and Joei is so insightful… so definitely more coffee! I plan on continuing to have Joei as a mentor because she’s been so helpful and enjoyable to be around. Joei’s involvement in PRowl and work ethic have motivated me to become more involved myself!

To connect with Joei and Thatcher, follow them both on Instagram joei_decarlo and blackboyemoji.


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