Green Tree School: Transforming Lives and Impacting Communities Pt. 3


Green Tree Partners with Plato’s Closet:

Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, and Abercrombie and Fitch are just a few name brands students at Green Tree will be able to purchase with the creation of a new school store. Plato’s Closet has generously donated a wide variety of clothing to Green Tree, providing children with the opportunity to purchase items as well as gain important independent living skills.

Students will be able to “purchase” clothing donated from Plato’s Closet with “Green Tree Dollars” awarded by faculty members as a result of good behavior. All students can participate and are encouraged to get involved within the school store. Students will be able to gain hands on work experience by applying for and receiving jobs with designated work schedules. They will learn how to cashier, stock, and develop customer service skills.

The students of Green Tree are anticipating the opening of the school store as final touches are being made to ensure a memorable grand opening. Students will even get to decide the name of the store, as a contest will be held in the next upcoming weeks.

Through the generosity of Plato’s Closet students have the ability to acquire high end clothing as a result of their own personal actions. The store promotes excitement, unity, hard work, and accountability.

Green Tree is transforming the lives of students and impacting communities by providing children with opportunities to learn regardless of their unique challenges, abilities, or backgrounds. This school store is just an addition to the many programs they have in place.

Green Tree is now accepting all clothing donations, adding to the variety of clothes that students will be able to purchase and take home to wear.

By: Katie Prantil, Brianna Love, Noelle Franklin


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