The Quarter Semester Struggle

Being only six weeks into the semester can feel like a disappointment. How are we not farther along in the never ending spring semester? Maybe you’re even asking yourself, “How will I get through the next 11 weeks?”

Keep in mind, spring break is coming up and it’s one whole week filled with no class and relaxation! While it’s a little early for a mid-semester check-in, it is never too soon to make sure you’re staying on top of things. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re not falling behind:


Stay on top of your work

At this point in the semester it’s easy to fall into the Netflix binge trap. Laying in bed and wasting your day away is so tempting. Nevertheless, get up and do your work! Make a to-do list if you must, checking off things as you get them done. Falling behind starts with saying you’ll do the assignment later. Get the work done, and then reward yourself with that next episode or movie!


Don’t over schedule yourself

While you may feel like you can get everything done, you will burn yourself out. It’s important to leave time in your schedule so that you’re not rushing from one place to the next. Get a planner or use the calendar app on your phone to schedule all of your work. This will help you see when you have something to do and realize that you may be scheduling too much in one day.


Keep track of deadlines 

As the spring semester continues, students must pay attention to deadlines for multiple things. Do you want a summer internship? Do you want to apply for scholarships for next year? Do you need housing for next school year? All of these questions have pending deadlines that are much closer than they appear. Make sure you stay on top of due dates so you don’t miss them.


Stay Healthy

Many people make their New Year’s resolution about staying healthy or getting healthy. It’s February and some people may be still on working on their resolutions and other have probably long since forgotten them. Even if you didn’t make a resolution to be healthy, you should start. Going to the gym and eating better food will make you feel better about yourself and you might find you have more energy to get through your day.


Treat yourself

Treating yourself can be anything from some “me” time to letting yourself go out to eat with friends for a night. Making sure you give yourself some time away from worrying about the stress of school and impending due dates. Having some relaxation time will benefit you and help you be more productive when you need to be.

By: Chelsea Seidel


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