Membership Spotlight: Lailumah Faisal



Lailumah “LuLu” Faisal is this month’s Membership Spotlight! Faisal is a Junior Strategic Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations.

This is LuLu’s first semester joining PRSSA and she’s looking forward to many more! She is currently a member of the newsletter committee.


The Annandale, Virginia native has many more things to say about Temple’s PRSSA chapter, as well as other personal interests.

Why do you love PRSSA?

I love how friendly everyone is. As my first year of Temple is coming to a close it is great to find a group of people as welcoming as the members of PRSSA.


What’s your dream job?

Working for Washington Capitals’ marketing team!

Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram because I love the ‘suggested for you’ section. It always shows me dance, makeup, and food tutorials and I love watching them even though I can’t do any of the three.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled?

I went to Hawaii when I was 11 and it was BEAUTIFUL! Although, I never show anyone pictures because I was a really awkward looking child. I would definitely want to go back and experience it again.


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