Branding in 2017 – Whatdoyado?


New year, new you, right? Not exactly. 2017 is going to be a monumental year, not only for you, but also your brand. A brand can be described as a trademark, impression, or label. Staying true to yourself is the key aspect to your brand. However, a brand isn’t just the content you post on your profile, timeline, page, or feed. It’s the presentation you give off of yourself for the world to see – and perhaps invest in. Here are some tips and tricks to revitalize your brand this new year!

Try New Networking Techniques

We all know the common advice: get out of your comfort zone and attend networking events. This year, take the conversation to a new level! Not only can you attend networking events where you can meet, interact, and network with other industry professionals, but you can also create your own networking world via live Q&A sessions on social media platforms.

Become an Expert

Want to be seen as a trusted source that people will lean on in the industry? Well, it’s time to prove it! Make sure you’re sharing relevant information and news on your platforms to display your interest as a thought leader in your preferred industry. Do your research, find people who are already doing what you want to do, and play monkey-see-monkey-do! Becoming the best means learning from the best. So find those you admire, reach out to them, or take close note to how they exert their professional knowledge!

Upgrade on Quality

Whether it’s your headshot, LinkedIn profile, business card, or social media channels, you need to make sure your content is high quality other industry leaders are. Gone are the days of mediocre photos with friends. Using professional cameras (or even a great camera phone), editing just the right amount, tagging and using hashtags, and locating a photo can increase more traffic to your brand! Stand out, be different, be creative, and most importantly, be you.

Less is More

Reading a whole chunk of text can be rather boring and quite exhausting to the eye. By knowing who you are as a brand, you can solidify at least three short and solid statements about your brand. With that in mind, keep text short with more focus on photos and videos to draw more audience members in. Utilize links to text-focused pages within these visual posts to create more engagement and increase educational awareness.

There are countless more tips for this year’s focus on branding. Digital technology  will aid branding efforts, but humanizing individuals and companies can make brands approachable. High quality content, more visuals, and expert knowledge can boost your brand into the right employer’s hands! Have fun branding!

By: Jeanie Davey



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