The Super Bowl Commercial You Probably Missed


One of the most heartwarming and powerful Super Bowl advertisements was likely the one commercial you missed. Hyundai ran a 90-second live ad soon after the game ended, also known as the “post-gun” slot, featuring three soldiers serving in Europe.

The commercial shows the soldiers watching the games, but with a unique twist. Sitting in 360-degree immersion pods, the soldiers were able to virtually watch the game alongside their family. Sgt. Richard Morrill, SPC Erik Guerrero and Cpl. Trista Strauch virtually experienced the game as if they were in box seats at NRG Stadium. You can see the commercial here.

The commercial was filmed during the first quarter of the game. Upon being approved by Hyundai, the Department of Defense, the NFL, and Fox, the commercial was the first live advertisement of its kind. Hyundai was recognized last year for their humorous advertisement featuring Kevin Hart.

Super Bowl commercials cost about $5 million for a 30 second slot. Hyundai’s commercial was priceless. It emphasized the importance of football being a family tradition in the American home, while also paying tribute to the military. This “live” advertisement shows how interactive and evolving the digital media industry is. In today’s fast-paced culture, advanced technology allows for new perspectives.

By: Clarissa Ford


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