Internship Tips & Tricks

By: Devan Allen

Hello readers! Today I am going to be focusing on things to remember (tips, tricks, what not-to-dos, etc.) when applying for internships. Internships are critical to almost any major, because they give you experience in the field, help to show you what you like and do not like, are great to put on your resume, and employers might hire you right out of college if you perform well. Some internships are paid, so you can even earn money! Plus, many programs at Temple offer credit for certain internships that may replace a class that you do not like. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about internships:

  • Do not just apply for the first thing you see because it is the easiest option. This is a no brainer, but time and time again students and young professionals hop at the first opportunity because they think it is all they have, or they do not feel like doing the work to find a good fit. Do not become one of these people, as you should apply for internships that you will not mind waking up early for every day. If you like the film industry, research public relations jobs for the film industry. Jobs like this exist, and you will find that your time is better spent doing something you find fulfilling.
  • Research potential employers before going to an interview. The worst thing a recruiter can hear in an interview is NOTHING. Come prepared. Employers love to hear that you know something about their line of work; they feel they can trust someone who is excited about what they do. Additionally, if you know things about the company that you are applying for that are not common knowledge, it shows that you are dedicated and you are willing to do prior research.
  • Be confident. No one is going to hire a person who seems timid and unsure of themselves. Seeming confident (even if you are dying on the inside) is a sure fire way to empress recruiters. Fake it until you make it.
  • Try to get an inside contact or referral. Many employers like to hire people that they know they can trust, so getting a referral from someone who performed well at a particular internship in the past might land you a job. Additionally, a lot of companies prefer to hire and promote internally. You should take advantage of anything that shows potential employers that you identify with their mission, values and objectives because it demonstrates that you are a good fit for an organization.
  • Dress to impress. Remember, it is always better to overdress for an interview than it is to underdress. If you are applying for a job at an accounting firm, try to wear more neutral colors, but if you are applying for an event planning job for a hot-shot movie producer, wear something that demonstrates your individuality.


Good luck!


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