Member Spotlight: Kim Leung

kim_leungKim is a sophomore at Temple University majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations. She’s also minoring in general business studies. Since joining Temple PRSSA last fall, Kim has gotten involved in our chapter by participating in various community service events and working closely with our Conference Coordinator, Gabby Lacherza, to execute our annual TU Invitational. Kim is currently a staff member for PRowl Public Relations and was actively involved in the multimedia section of The Temple News last school year.

Hometown: Vernon, NJ

Why do you love PRSSA? I love PRSSA because it allows me to learn more about the public relations field out of the typical classroom setting. PRSSA has also introduced me to other students who are striving for similar goals. Building these connections with my peers has definitely given me a sense motivation to keep working towards my own future career.

What committee are you in and what have you done with the committee this semester? I was heavily involved with the TU Invitational sub-committee.

Dream Job: While I don’t have an exact dream job, anything involving fitness and healthcare in New York City would be ideal.

Favorite social media platform: Instagram! I also love Twitter, but pictures are more appealing to me than 140 characters.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to: I’ve been fortunate to visit to all of the major Caribbean islands, however, the Virgin Islands have the best beaches by far!

To connect with Kim, follow her on Instagram and Twitter!


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