Member Spotlight: Cara Hackett

Cara HackettCara is a junior at Temple University majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in rhetoric and public Advocacy and minoring in corporate social responsibility. She is an active member of the Community Service and Fundraising Committee. Cara is also the Fundraising Chair of the Rhetoric and Public Advocacy Club here at Temple.

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA

Why do you love PRSSA? I love PRSSA because of the constant sense of motivation and inspiration it provides me. Talking with other members, attending the meetings, listening to speakers and participating in chapter activities always motivates me to do more professionally. It is through PRSSA I obtained my first internship at City Hall and I will continue to utilize the student organization to make it to the next level – with the help of all the other members, of course!

Dream Job: White House Press Secretary.

Favorite social media platform: Twitter, for sure. It is so important to stay up to date on recent news and what’s happening in the world at any given second. With Twitter, this information is put out instantly which is a huge advantage to anyone in our field.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to: I’ve had the privilege to travel a lot of places across the United States, but the coolest place I just traveled to is Rome! Summer 2014, I participated in the Temple Rome Study Abroad program.

To connect with Cara, follow her on Twitter!


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