Get to know Jameeda Rucker, 2014-2015 Treasurer!


Jameeda is a junior majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations and double minoring in African Amerian studies and Spanish. Jameeda has been an active member of PRSSA since her freshman year, joining various committees before being elected onto the executive board. This will be her first year as an executive board member.

Learn more about Jameeda below!

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite part of PRSSA: Being able to learn valuable and practical information and the opportunity to network at conferences and invitationals.

What’s one activity you like to do with friends and one activity you like to do alone? I enjoy excursions in the city with friends, but I like to go to local coffee shops alone.

A favorite quote: Just keep swimming.”- Dory, “Finding Nemo.”

Your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia? Green Eggs Cafe.

What’s something you would like to accomplish before graduating? I would LOVE to complete a public relations internship with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Dream travel destination? A West African country.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? Nicole Garner, President/CEO of  The Garner Circle.


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