Say hello to Alissa Steele, 2014-2015 Vice President of Fundraising!


Alissa is a junior at majoring in strategic communication with a concentration in public relations. Alissa served as PRSSA’s Temple Student Government Representative for the Spring 2014 semester before taking on the role of the Vice President of Fundraising.

Keep reading to learn more about Alissa!

Hometown: York, PR

Favorite part of PRSSA: I love being a part of an organization that gives you the opportunity to not only meet and get great advice from professionals, but allows you to meet, interact and bond with other students who have similar career goals.

What’s one activity you like to do with friends and one activity you like to do alone?  I love to go exploring – whether it’s around the world or just in my hometown! I love seeing new things, places and making the most out of a day with friends. When I’m alone though, I like to binge watch “Scandal”.

​ A favorite quote: “Just for laughs and giggles.” – Unknown. This quote reminds me to make the most out of every situation and go out and try new things. When it’s all said and done, all you can do is look back and laugh. ​

Your favorite restaurant in Philadelphia? My favorite restaurant in Philadelphia is Lorenzo’s pizza- you just can’t go wrong with a $3.00 slice bigger than your head!

 What’s something you would like to accomplish before graduating? Before I graduate, I want to be in a Temple ad or pamphlet!

Dream travel destination? My dream travel destination is ​to be in the water on the beach in Australia!

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? If I could pick anyone to be my mentor, it would be Jennifer Lawrence. She is successful, talented and stays true to herself. Lawrence also has a great positive outlook on life, a good sense of humor and is a fun and crazy kind of girl!


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