Give a warm welcome to 2013-2014 Secretary, Lizz Vo!

LizzLizz is a senior at TU, majoring in Strategic Communication with a PR concentration and minoring in General Business Studies.  This will be her first time on PRSSA Executive Board and Lizz is very excited to begin her role as Secretary after her active involvement in PRSSA in previous semesters.

Want to know more about Lizz? Read on!

Hometown: Whitehall, PA (not the dorm at Temple)

Favorite part of PRSSA: How involved it is! It’s not just another organization you join, pay and don’t do anything. There are so many things to learn and lots of experiences to have. The committees are especially great because they are informative and a great way for members to get active.

3 words to describe yourself? Creative, efficient and determined!

Hobbies: Eating! I love food. Besides that I’m usually found just hanging out with friends and family. I say good food and good people call for a good time!

Your favorite spot in Philadelphia? The Continental-Midtown. It’s a cute restaurant that looks like an upscale diner. They have the best calamari salad and cheesecake I have ever had!

Favorite social media platform? I’m going to have to stick with old school Facebook. The point of it was to stay connected with people and I think that Facebook really accomplishes that the best.

In the movie made about your life, who would play you? Kaley Cuoco. I LOVE HER! Plus she acts out sarcasm well so that’d work out perfectly.

What’s something you can’t live without? I know most of my responses involve food, but I have to keep the pattern going and say potato chips. If I’m ever in a bad mood, come bring me a bag of chips and I will be instantly happy!


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