Say hello to Amber Burns, 2013-2014 Vice President!

ab prssaAmber is a junior Stategic Communication (PR Concentration) major and Spanish minor at TU.  Amber has been active in PRSSA since her freshman year, having previously served as both Director of Public Relations and Director of Social Media.

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Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Favorite part of PRSSA: I love getting the chance to interact with other students who “get it.” PR isn’t always the most glamorous or highest paying career path, and many people don’t get why I invest so much time into it. PRSSA has given me a group of likeminded, detail loving, proof reading, crazy friends who are just like me!

3 words to describe yourself? Motivated, determined, and faithful.

Hobbies: I love blogging and social media, so I spend a lot of time keeping up with my own blog and outlets.

Your favorite spot in Philadelphia? I love Old City, that would definitely be my favorite Philly neighborhood. Washington Square Park is always a great place to relax (and there is a starbucks nearby, winner!)

Favorite social media platform? I love Twitter, with Instagram taking a close second.

In the movie made about your life, who would play you? Blu Ivy would play the child me, and then Beyonce would take over for the rest of the film! Jay-Z could play the younger version of my dad… noticing a trend here?! #RoyalFamily

Dream Job? I am definitely drawn to the lifestyle and non-profit sector, and I am obsessed with arts and culture. I would love to work for a small magazine, museum, or even a theatre. Anything where I get to work with different kinds of people!


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